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Large and tailed with a graceful flight. Brown (almost black when very fresh) with yellow bands above; mainly cream-colored below. 


Open woods, brushland, and gardens with its caterpillar foodplants.

Flight Period

Throughout warm weather.

Caterpillar Foodplants

Trees and shrubs in the Rue familiy (Rutaceae), including cultivated citrus, pricklyashes (Zanthoxylum) and hoptrees (Ptelea).

Other Notes

In the past, the range of this species has periodically expanded northward and then contracted southward; currently there is a major expansion northward.  Recent research suggests that there are two populations -- eastern and southwestern (central Texas south and west).  The NABA Names Committee will consider whether they should be considered as one or two species.

Scientific Information

Scientific Name - Papilio cresphontes