Trip Checklist

This page is a taxonomy checklist, which can be filtered to show either the full NABA taxonomy list, or the list for a specific state. This can be printed and taken with you on field trips to track the species seen. We have tried to provide a quick tour to get you started. You can click here to see it again .

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  1. Select State

    View the entire list or filter by state

  2. Scientific Name

    Toggle scientific name in checklist

  3. Number Seen

    Toggle the column where you can enter the number seen

  4. Export

    Export the data to an Excel file.

  5. Number Seen

    If you print this table, you can enter the number of each butterfly seen in this column.

  6. Replay

    You can view this intro tour again at any time by clicking here. This icon can be found on many pages, and can be clicked to view additional information.