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Dotted they are!  Individuals in most populations have a thinner forewing marginal black line than the very similar Square-spotted Blue.



Arid slopes and rocky crests with the foodplant.

Flight Period

April to October, but only for about two weeks at any given locality.

Caterpillar Foodplants

Many buckwheats (Eriogonum), but with each population generally using only one, or a few, species.

Other Notes

As with its relatives, Square-spotted and Rita Blue, the Dotted Blue complex is a fascinating thing to behold.  There are scores of named populations, each using a different caterpillar foodplant and/or flying at a different time of year.  However, to date, no one has carefully examined the genetic relatedness of these populations and, until they do, it is best to view them all as one species.

Scientific Information

Scientific Name - Euphilotes enoptes

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