As their name implies, Red-spotted Admirals have red-orange spots on their undersides -- near the bases and along the submargins of both their forewings and hindwings.  Southward, Red-spotted Purple subspecies have extensive iridescent blue both on their topsides and their undersides, while northward, White Admiral subspecies have white bands across both the forewings and hindwings.  There is a broad blend zone where the White Admiral and Red-spotted Purple populations meet.  


Woodlands, especially opening in, and around, moist, rich woods, but also suburbia.

Flight Period

April-October southward; June-August northward.

Caterpillar Foodplants

Red-spotted Purple populations favor cherries (Prunus) and other trees, while White Admiral populations prefer birches (Betula), poplars (Populus) and other trees.

Other Notes

Unlike most butterflies, Red-spotted Admirals rarely nectar at flowers.  Rather, they can found at sap wounds on trees or on rotting fruits.

Scientific Information

Scientific Name - Limenitis arthemis

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